Protect your people, your data, and your livelihood. 

If you only have anti-virus, you’re a sitting duck

Not so fun facts:

  • Since 2020, there has been a 238% increase in cyberattacks targeting financial services.
  • 81% of breaches occur in small to mid-sized firms
  • 1 in 5 small businesses will suffer a breach this year.
  • The average cost of a data breach in the financial sector in 2021 was $5.72 million.
  • The financial services industry is second only to healthcare as the prime targets of most Phishing and Ransomware attacks

Your financial firm needs more protection than most IT service providers offer.

Most of the companies that reach out to us for help fail our initial security and compliance audit.

Most financial firms are using 10-year-old technology to protect their network and their staff has not been trained to avoid the social engineering and phishing attacks that have increase dramatically in just the past 2 years.

Our advanced cybersecurity includes:

  • Security and vulnerability assessments
  • Password policies
  • Password vaults
  • Security awareness training. (We make you a cybersecurity expert)
  • Advanced Endpoint Security
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Automatic updates and security patches on all systems
  • Dark Web Scans (searches the dark web for your personal information)
  • Website/DNS Filtering (Prevents users going to malicious websites)
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Active Directory Identity verification
  • Data Encryption
  • Email filtering and encryption