Remove the headaches and the stress of I.T.

Digitally transform your business to look, feel, collaborate, and execute like a larger company without losing your unique culture. Cloud systems are easier, more secure and offer more cybersecurity protections than antiquated servers, firewalls and VPN’s.

Here are just a few reasons you should no longer have physical servers in your office. 

  • Expensive managed support packages
  • Pricey backup and disaster recovery systems
  • Expensive Warranty Renewals
  • Hardware failures and outages
  • All sorts of redundancy issues with a single point of failure
  • Never hearing “can you please reboot the server”? again.

Let us show you how easy it is to transition to the cloud. We’ll show you how a cloud services solution is vastly more stable, cost efficient, secure, and scalable than an on-premises solution.  For a lower cost, it’s more secure from cyber threats, and offers more productivity and collaboration features than an on-premises solution.

For the first time in history, physical office space is a choice, not a requirement. If you have an office space, great. The KatanaCloud services will work great for you. If you don’t have an office space, great. Our cloud services will allow you and your staff to work from anywhere in the world as securely and with the same tools as they would have in an office.