Digitally Transform Your Business

In a matter of days,  we will transform your business into a 100% cloud based, fully mobile, disaster proof, and highly efficient firm with enterprise level security that meets or exceeds the compliance standards of your industry.

   Let us take the pain out of IT   

We transition old, complex, and inefficient systems to simple, easy to understand solutions that put your small company ahead of your larger competitors AND save you thousands of dollars a year.  



Always being up-to-date.  We update all computers to the latest version of Windows and the latest version of Office and we always keep them up-to-date.   

A completely mobile workforce.  Your employees can work from anywhere in the world at a moments notice   ​​


100% Complete Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.    If your office becomes inaccessible, your employees can seamlessly work remotely.    


Employee Confidence.  New employees starting at your firm see that their new employer has the latest technology across the board.

Security.   Get the same enterprise level cybersecurity as Fortune 500 Companies

Sleeping.   Sleep well knowing that all of this is taken care of by a company who has earned your trust.

Want to save $50,000 a year?

On average, we can save companies $30,000-$50,000/year in IT costs.

How is this possible?  Contact us now to find out!   

Step 1

The KatanaCloud

  • We move your in-house servers and systems to a fully redundant Microsoft Data Center

  • We move your line-of-business apps (Databases, CRM, Financial Planning, Accounting, etc) to virtualized servers in Azure or the hosted solution provided by the software company)  No more in-house servers!

  • We migrate all email, data, and collaboration tools to Microsoft Office 365.

  • We utilize OneDrive for Business and SharePoint to modernize your file shares.  

We work with clients all over the U.S. and the world.


Geography is not a problem when you live in the cloud.  


New York

1177 Avenue of the Americas

5th Floor

New York, NY 10036

New Jersey

1200 Route 22 East,

Suite 2000

Bridgewater, NJ 08807


1275 Glenlivet Drive

Suite 100

Allentown, PA 18106

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