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We provide forward-thinking small companies or start-ups that have between 5 and 50 employees a Business-in-a-box.  Our Business-in-a-box provides the technology, tools, and training that are essential to a small business.  Nothing more, nothing less .   


You no longer need to buy expensive hardware or servers for your business.      

KatanaCloud Services take small companies to new heights

We partner with your small business and provide a Microsoft-backed fully managed IT cloud services solution for a flat per-user monthly fee. 


  • Partnering with us means saying goodbye to out-of-date software, expensive hardware, high up-front costs, inefficient workflows, lax security, and untrained staff.   

  • If you currently outsource your IT service and are looking for a completely managed Microsoft enterprise cloud solution for your emails and files with a helpdesk, advanced security, systems management and CIO strategy services at a flat per-user price.

  • Do you currently have an IT staff?    We can partner with them to implement your advanced cloud services.  We love working with our IT sisters and brothers. 


Advanced Security

  • We protect your email, data, and internal computers with the  same enterprise security as larger Fortune 500 companies​​.

  • Our Microsoft-Powered cloud offerings are backed up by 3,500 global security experts working relentlessly to protect your data.

  • Microsoft invests 1 Billion dollars annually to secure their cloud infrastructure and data centers

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Managed Services

  • Replace your computers older than 5 years, preferably laptops for business continuity planning.

  • Update all of your computers to the latest build of Windows 10.

  • Update Microsoft Office to the latest version.

  • Setup connect/sync/copy controls for all computers, devices and apps accessing company data.

  • Setup compliance controls for computers, devices and apps requiring a baseline security standard prior to permitting connect/copy/sync access to company data.


This is what you get with KatanaClassroom

  • Technology tools without training means little will change.

  • Updating technology tools without updating user technology skills is meaningless.

  • Your users don’t know what they don’t know – let’s change that.

  • Increased skills mean increased confidence, smarter work and increased collaboration.

  • Modern collaboration increases innovation and creates a better product for customer

professional developmnet training sessio


Secure, redundant, managed cloud powered by Microsoft

  • Remove as many servers (virtual/physical/onsite/offsite) as possible from your system.

  • If you have servers hosting email and files – move them to Office 365

  • If you have Windows apps that are not web-based – move them to the cloud (it is not hard).

  • If you have a hodge-podge of cloud services – consolidate them under a single cloud system.

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